Thursday, November 29, 2007


After 29 years I've finally discovered the connection between food, exercise, and mood.

For almost 6 months I ate a steady regiment of salads, fish, vegetables and fruit. It was not a 'diet', it was a lifestyle for me. In fact, the thought of drinking soda or eating a chicken fried steak was repulsive.

It got me through the LSAT, personal statements and most of my applications without a hitch or a sign of those colds that usually come around when you get stressed. I even ran 3 times a week, getting me down to my pre-wedding fighting weight.

Then Meatfest '07 occurred.

4 cheddarwurst, 1 meatball sandwich and a 1/3 pound pub burger...and that was just in the first 90 minutes. I lost count of how many Pepsi & grenadine's I had.

Then Thanksgiving occurred.

It's been three weeks since I've rolled the treadmill out, my final round of applications are still sitting on my computer unfinished, and all I crave is Coke (the Mexican kind), alfredo sauce and deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I never realized how wide my motivational pendulum swings. I stared at my Pepperdine application last night and had exactly zero interest in filling out the scholarship form!

Now the question is what caused what? Obviously Meatfest '07 was the catalyst, but did I start my downhill spiral because of the meat I ate, or did I eat so much meat because of some lack of mental fortitude? Please weigh in (no pun intended) with your thoughts!

In my current malaise, I will do the right thing and feign innocence and shift the blame to Daylight Saving Time.


Anne Knowles said...

I'm the same way and I hate to think you inherited that from me. Your blog made me hungry, by the way.

Melissa C. said...

I don't see an "email me" link on your site...I wanted to get your address for our xmas card/party invite list. Can you email it to me?

Fortune said...

I like to think of life, like poker, as a game of streaks. Sometimes you're on a streak of being healthy and sometimes you're on a streak of being unhealthy. The problem is that it is hard to get the healthy streak to last for four weeks but easy to get the unhealthy streak to last for four years.

Captain Chipmunk said...

Funny, that sounds like my luck in poker too. I'll win 3 hands in a row than lose the next 25. More recently, my football picks: I went 42-3 my first three weeks in the pool, now I'm almost dead even.