Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I love taking surveys. I'm a member of a few survey companies (Greenfield, E-Rewards, J.D. Power & Assoc., etc.). The one I took today was a lot of fun because it reminded me of the 80's, when every instruction manual was written in Japanese-English.

Here are some of the questions/prompts/answers:

  • On buying an old vs. new house: "A house looks nice, because it has a flavor with age."
  • Do you stick to your housing to what extent?
    1. Stick very much
    2. Quite stick
    3. Stick not so much
    4. Stick a little
  • How many people do you live together?
  • Regarding my work status: Full-time employee (Clark level)
  • My favorite, when asking about buying a previously owned home: "You do not care about previous livers."
So somewhere, someone knows that I quite stick to my housing, am a Full-time, Clark level employee who does not care about previous livers.