Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Primary Issues and Food

Why is it that by the time I get to vote in the primaries, most of the candidates have left the race?

Thanks to lovely states like Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina (states that certainly represent my interests and concerns living in the suburbs of a large metropolis), my menu choices are limited to steak or shrimp for dinner. What if I feel like chicken tonight?

"I'm sorry sir, we don't serve chicken anymore. Someone in Nevada didn't particularly care for its taste."
With all due respect to our great nation, we have it backwards again. During the November elections, results are withheld until all polls are closed, presumably so a late voter, Mr. Undecided in California, won't be swayed to vote for the guy winning in New York. With the exception of Ross Perot years, there's only 2 candidates to choose from and I would go out on a limb to say that most people don't show up to their polling place ready to flip a coin to choose their candidate, yet we make sure everyone gets a fair vote free from persuasion.

So if we're so concerned with democracy and freedom of choice in that election, why the heck do we spread our primaries, where there are many more choices representing many more points of view, over several weeks? Those states in the early stages get arguably more clout and a much greater selection of candidates to choose from. Could you imagine who might win the primaries if all 50 states went in at once, with only CNNUSATODAYTIMEWARNERGALLUP polls to rely on for predictions?

Thanks to the current system, I can't vote for a candidate who has the potential to represent me, because he or she didn't do well in a few other states. Thanks New Hampshire.

Oh, and another thing....what about those poor Democratic folks in Florida who got the proverbial middle finger from the DNC when they were told their delegates don't count. Yet people still voted.
"We thank you for your patronage, however, since you showed up an hour early for your reservation, you can only view the menu. Please remember to tip well and we hope you choose to eat here again in November."
The Floridians do get to vote in November with the rest of us. Sort of like eating desert in the most popular, highly regarded, wealthiest, diverse in the world.
"Sir, let me show you our desert tray. We have a wide selection of either cake or Jello."


Ghetto Photo Girl said...

It's absolute bullshit. And even though my letter to John Edwards was mostly for my own enjoyment, I am pissed he couldn't hold out until AT LEAST Super Fat Tuesday.

A day I should have been spending in New Orleans with my black man, but he broke my heart. So what the fuck else am I supposed to do?

Clearly I'm not bitter about either of these situations. At all.