Monday, March 10, 2008

Photoblogging Monday!

After a week of USC colors, it's time to end the least as far as blog colors go.

The perception of time always amazes me. It seems like months have passed since I received my acceptance letter, but it has only been a week. It seems like yesterday when I was hiking in Kauai, yet we are coming up on a year since that happened.

Today's photo takes me back to Kauai (and hopefully, so will my frequent flier miles!). It's a shame this blog can't be of the scratch-n-sniff variety. Despite this lack of technology, I swear I can almost smell the island.



Fortune said...

Thanks for changing the colors back. Even though my bowling shirt features those Cardinal and Gold colors ... every time I see them I kind of feel like all the ketchup and mustard packets of the world exploded at once. Know what I mean?

Anyway, lovely photo Chipmunk ... I think I can smell it too. Or is that my wife's body wash?

Captain Chipmunk said...

Are you blogging from your honeymoon?

Fortune said...

Not Blogging, Commenting ... Ok Blogging too.

BTW how is my place? Did you kill my fish?