Monday, March 31, 2008

Photoblogging Monday!

My blog has turned into an almost weekly photoblog. I haven't felt like posting my thoughts, feelings or stories. I'm sorry to my loyal reader(s), maybe that's a good thing. :) I might get back into it one of these days.

Most of my best photos were taken by other people - my lovely wife's postcard photos from Hawaii, and today's photo, which came as a surprise to me when I was downloading the images from my camera taken at a recent outing to SeaWorld.

I had handed my camera to my 9 year-old nephew to hold; little did I know he had taken 100+ photos on his own during the 15 minutes it was out of my sight. Included was this gem that perfectly captures the curiosity and playfulness of that age.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad there wasn't anything in his nose!