Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Friday Night Stuff

So here's a few late night random thoughts. Hopefully by getting these out of my head, I'll be able to focus more on my paper due Monday morning.

  • John McCain is really a good guy when he's not debating. I think he is suffering from the Bob Dole/Al Gore Syndrome where he is over advised and doesn't act like himself when he's in the spotlight. This is the first election that I can remember where I like both of the candidates (not so much their running mates).
  • If our lexicon can change so quickly as to add google as a verb and badonkadonk as a noun, why can't we add a non-gender specific pronoun (along with a possessive form to boot)? It's politically incorrect to use 'he' when talking about some person and using 'she' makes it seem like you're an activist and detracts from the readers' attention(Maybe I'm chauvinist, but every time I read a she, the first thing I think is, "Oh, that person is sensitive to the hundreds of years of using 'he' and 'man' for both genders and is now making up for that by randomly using 'she'." Then I have to go back and reread that sentence). Using the vague 'one' or 'a person/that person' lacks oomph. Randomly going back and forth between the two is confusing, but not quite has bad as trying to read 's/he'. I don't think I've ever met a 's/he' before. How about 'zee'? He, she, zee. His, her, zer.
    For example:
    "A person is liable for damages when zee acts unreasonably, or, if an agent under zer control acts unreasonably."
  • Does anyone else see the cruel irony in our economic mess? Homeowners are in trouble because they borrowed too much and have nothing in savings. Companies are in trouble because they used borrowed money to lend to people who can't pay them back. Our government is in trouble because it spends too much and has to borrow money from China and Saudi Arabia, and is now borrowing more money in order to lend to those troubled companies so that they can lend to more borrowers. In response to all this, the Federal Reserve is lowering interest rates so that it can be easier to borrow money. What am I missing here? I'm no Einstein, but it seems to me that fixing over-borrowing and overspending with more spending and more borrowing is like fighting fire with fire.


a work in progress said...

You mean fire isn't the best tool against fire? John did we learn this when we were kids? Maybe I wasn't listening the day Mrs. Doyle taught on it. Sad. I am SO misinformed. And, apparently, potentially dangerous!