Sunday, December 07, 2014

Catching up

Finding my old blog is sort of like a time capsule. Thinking of where I left off in 2008 has made me realize how much change has occurred since my writing trailed off into the law school sunset. Day-to-day, I feel no different and as if nothing much has been accomplished; however, looking at the last 6 years has started giving me perspective.

 Here's a sample of what's gone on in my life since November, 2008:

  • My first child was born
  • I graduated law school
  • I passed the California State Bar
  • I backpacked across Europe for a month with my wife
  • I've visited Japan 4 times and hiked Mt. Fuji
  • I've run 5 marathons
  • I've assembled and now manage a great team at work, turning a failing company around to record sales (during a financial crisis)
  • I host a podcast that has been listened to over 35,000 times
  • My diet has changed to become mostly vegan
  • I found my love for trumpet and music again
I list these things not to boast, but for my own personal reflection. We tend to dwell on our mistakes and our missed opportunities.

2008 was a low point for many. There was a financial crisis. Jobs were lost. Wars were fought. 

Like many, my house was worth half of what we bought it for (and close to half of what we still owed on it). I had a harder time working for free as a lawyer than I did as a musician.Our investments and retirement accounts were slashed in half and then some.

I wish now that I had focused my energy more on the list above, and not the negative things that were surrounding me. 

Now, when the going gets tough or the forecast is dismal, I can refer to this list and the period in history these things occurred and hopefully find the joy and the drive to progress easier.