Friday, November 02, 2007

Day 7:

Fridays are always welcome in my life. The work day passes faster, with a traditional playlist on the CD player consisting of Boz Skaggs "Silk Degrees" album, "The Best of Sammy Davis Jr." and usually some Spectrum (more on them later), Jay Graydon, Rick James and Stevie Wonder. I get paid weekly, so Friday is always payday.

Friday night brings a night out, or a night in, and it doesn't really matter because if Saturday comes and I regret the choices I made the night before I have all day to recover or make up for what I did or didn't do. Then there's Sunday.

This Sunday is a little depressing because the NFL season officially ends after the Colts - Pats game. This is the Super Bowl. It's too bad this game doesn't take place during Week 17 or even at the end of the playoffs since both teams have a legitimate chance to go undefeated; having the game now will likely take the wind out of somebody's sails. What's worse is I can't even watch the game live due to a rehearsal in Malibu. My pick - the Colts by a touchdown.

Now that I've got the typing thing down, I'm going to start Monday with a new weekly feature where I post a photo from my collection. This is a direct rip off from my favorite blogger GPG at Exoterica(imitation is the highest form of flattery), but I've chosen a different day of the week so as not to rain on her parade (which I suggest you don't ever do either). She is equally at home at the keyboard as she is behind the lens. I'm convinced she should write the L.A. version of "Sex In The City", but she has other aspirations. Please by all means check out her blog.