Saturday, November 03, 2007

I've made a few changes to the blog, and I know after only seven days many of you will be disappointed, but the straw polls are in and it's just time to change. I've done away with the day count and changed the title. Similar to those puzzles where you are allowed to rearrange only 3 toothpicks to change a star pattern into Picasso's Guernica, I moved an 's' and deleted an apostrophe to change the meaning of the title from my humble thoughts to world domination. Anyone notice? Probably not.

I love procrastination. Having to write a personal statement has been the best thing for me. Here is what I've done today:

  • Two loads of laundry
  • A load of dishes
  • Ran 6.75 miles
  • Watched last night's episode of Bill Maher
  • Listened to two lessons of Pimsleur Japanese
  • Took a shower and shaved (rare for a Saturday)
  • Blogged
And it's not even 1pm. If I keep this up I'll be fluent in Japanese and have expanded Pi by a few digits by Sunday.

Some of the Best Things in Life Are Free

Who would have thought that reading my regular web analytics blog (don't ask), written by Avinash Kaushik, would lead me to much deeper insight into my creative life? If you are into web analytics, his blog Occam's Razor and his Google TechTalk are a must read/watch. One of his recent postings introduced me to Hugh MacLeod, author of the gapingvoid blog and the How To Be Creative manifesto. Do yourself a favor and spend an hour this weekend (or whenever you happen to read this blog), lock yourself in a room and read his manifesto. It was the best 49 pages I've read in months.

While I don't agree with all 26 of his points, most of them hit very close to home regarding the "Stupid Passion Thing"; the creative, artsy, monetarily void thing we all want to do but either a) ignore completely or b) dive into with no sense of reality. He shows how to be creative, out of debt, increase your chances at success, and most importantly remain in control of, and happy with, your art form.

Oh! There goes another load of laundry. Time to start folding.


Avinash Kaushik said...

That is indeed a impressive list Captain! I hope that you'll blog tomorrow and share what happened between 1300 hrs and Midnight!

It is so great to hear that you found Hugh's work to be interesting as well!

Onwards and upwards!


Captain Chipmunk said...

Avinash - Thank you for reading my blog and being the first to comment! I would have guessed the first would have come from friends, family, or myself hidden behind a different screen name. Thanks for all you do for web analytics and creativity!