Monday, November 05, 2007

Give Me Liberty....

I've decided today that if I'm not doing something to prevent what I dislike than I'm part of the problem. I'm talking about the ongoing torture and detainment of prisoners by the US. It has disgusted me so much over the last few years I've suppressed my anger because I don't want it to ruin my day, but what if I, or someone I knew was one of the journalists that have been detained without charges filed against them for the last 6 years?

This is as much my country as it is everyone else's, and I don't stand for the inhumane acts that have been carried out. The recent 'waterboarding' debate shouldn't even be an issue; if there is a gray area regarding torture, our country should not be there. The founders of our country put liberty above death, now in a role reversal we give up liberty in fear of death.

Some interesting reading: