Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Note To Self...

Next time, don't think about how light the traffic has been lately. I was thinking that today half way between Calabasas and Malibu on Los Virgenes right before traffic stopped. I then inched forward for the next two miles. Traffic going the other direction stacked up (due to a accident on the 101...8 miles away) so that at one point no one was moving either direction. I rolled down my window and enjoyed the chilly Santa Monica Mountain air, and the Banda music blasting from the El Camino next to me.

The reason for the backup going my direction - cars turning left onto Mulholland spilling out of the left turn lane blocking the road.

I love posting blogs from Pepperdine; surrounded by Abercrombie & Fitch jackets and Uggs. I'm applying to their law school, but if I get accepted here I don't know if my student loans can cover a new wardrobe.