Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanks Fortune!

I've been thinking that I should have stayed in bed Thursday morning and kept hitting the snooze button through the weekend. Here's a run down of the last 24 hours:


  • Freak shaving accident in the shower leaving a chunk of ear behind (a la Mike Tyson)
  • Flat tire on the wife's Saturn
  • $358 to replace 4 crappy dealer tires that wear out in less than 50,000 miles
  • Caltrans repairs that reduced the 14 South to one lane
  • 1hr 45 min spent driving to work
  • New freeway meter installed on my on ramp to get home
  • 20 minutes spent driving the 2 blocks to get on the freeway thanks to said meter
  • Caltrans feeling their oats and deciding to start the repairs two hours early, once again shutting the 14 down...this time at 7:45am during rush hour.
Who knows how my luck will change, but I don't really care now. I got to work this morning and checked out my good buddy Fortune's blog "To the thirst..." and read his last post on softball. Not only did it make me laugh at times, but really made me think about what is important in life. I also think his story would make a great movie script. Do yourself a favor and take a minute to read it...and maybe if you leave a comment it will motivate him to share more stories in the future.