Friday, December 14, 2007

Ellen's 12 Days of Christmas

Yesterday started with a funny and prophetic read of one of my favorite bloggers, Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame). His post discusses "The Wonderful Time" between when you hear wonderful news and learning it is wrong, or not as good as you thought.

My beautiful wife had a ticket for the taping of Ellen yesterday. She was pretty sure it was during her "12 Days of Christmas" series where she gives away loot to everyone in the audience.

After hearing the news, I entered 'Wonderful Time' when I started researching past shows and giveaways. Last year there were $1500 necklaces, $3000 fridges, Wiis, Xbox 360s. This year already looked promising with iPod touches, Wiis (again), Smartphones, gift cards, etc. This person went on day one and scored.

I began planning what we would keep and what we could sell off. Electronics that we didn't need like game systems and stupidly expensive cell phones would sell well on ebay. Home items we could unload pretty easily. Any cool stuff like iPods or jewelry or trips would be kept.

Towards late afternoon yesterday, I started getting the jitters wondering what was in store for her (and me too!).

When she finally called the first thing out of her mouth was, "It was designer day!"

While she got some great stuff and certainly deserved all of it, my personal "Wonderful Time" ended.

Here's the rundown:

  • $150 gift card to Bliss for spa services
  • Bliss body butter (?!?!)
  • Head & Shoulders package - bathrobe, slippers, towels, body products
  • Diamond Necklace - not sure of designer, this one's coming in the mail
  • Calvin Klein Collection Sunglasses ($399)
  • Gucci "New Britt" bag ($695)
Again, I couldn't be happier for my lovely wife; there isn't a better giveaway for her, except maybe if a cruise or some shoes were involved....but come on!

I couldn't get 1/10th of what the purse, glasses and necklace are worth thanks to all the fakes and knockoffs without a receipt. Not to mention the castration involved by even broaching the subject.

Yes, I'm spoiled (and a little whinny); however, the implications of these gifts dig deeper -with Christmas, our anniversary and her birthday looming just around the corner, my gifts will pale in comparison. Sure, it's the thought that counts...but whoever said that didn't know my wife and purses!


Fortune said...

My fiancée went to see a taping of Ellen and all she got was a Ronco Rotisserie. But the rotisserie is pretty awesome. We weren't living together yet and she was a vegetarian so the rotisserie came to me. I promptly made a 12 pound turkey, 4 quarter pound hamburgers and 2 cornish game hens before I realized I wasn't hungry.

Melissa C. said...

I am so jealous of Susie purse. I want one too!

Melissa C. said...

And apparently of her typing skills as well...I just ignore me and my typos (both spelling and gramatical).