Monday, January 14, 2008

Back At It

After almost a month hiatus, I have decided it's time to get back on the bandwagon, get the ball rolling again and move forward full-steam ahead. I'm doing so by trying to use as many tried and true clich├ęs as possible.

Have any of you seen the previews for the new (used loosely) Knight Rider show?

It's a 15 second teaser that doesn't show much, but in those 15 seconds it gives the show 2 strikes against it:

  • There is only one spoken line from the show in the preview and it is "Hello, Mike." You'd think if there was one line they would get right, it would be "Hello, Michael." Come on....
  • Did I mention that KITT is now a freakin' Ford Mustang!!!! No thank you.
Because they still have 1 strike left before I write the show off completely, they can make up some ground by ensuring that the new Michael (notice that it's not 'Mike') Knight has more chest hair than The Hoff.


Ghetto Photo Girl said...

I used to love Knight Rider. But this is a bit sad. Even a writer's strike doesn't call for this!

Anonymous said...

This show should not be allowed to use the Knight Rider name. You don't mess with KITT!!!!!!

Captain Chipmunk said...

I'll give it two episodes...then I'm going back to American Gladiators.