Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Batting .500

This blog started to help my writing for law school applications. Most of them were completed and mailed by early November. The last two months have been slow, somewhat scary, and full of hypothetical conversations between my lovely (and anonymous) wife.

"What if you get into here, and we have to move?"
"What if you get into this school, but this school offers you a scholarship?"

Much like people talk about what they would do with the money they won during the period between the purchase of the $1 lotto ticket and finding out they really didn't win. The problem with our talks were that neither of us really had any idea if or where I would get accepted...even from my list of 'probables'.

I found it odd that the day I decide to start blogging again, there were two decision letters waiting for me. The first was a standard business envelope from Berkeley (hippie bastards). They didn't find a spot for me in the class of 2011, but I tell you, it was the most feel-good rejection letter I have ever read. They regretted having to informing me, then hoped that I got into another top school of my choice followed by an invitation to apply as a transfer student if I really had my heart set on matriculating there. They did everything except for offer me a hug and a shoulder to cry on. I'm not bitter or surprised, in fact, they were on my 'shoot-for-the-moon' list of schools.

The second was a package from Loyola. Somehow they found something about my application that they really liked and offered me a spot in their class next year. They were on the top of my list of probables, so I am a) really excited, especially since I know others who haven't been so lucky and b) extremely relieved. Now I can relax knowing that I have a good school to go to next year. If a better offer comes along from my 'you should have spend the $70 application fee on lotto tickets because you'd have a better chance there' schools, great, but in the meantime I can kick my feet back and enjoy the last 8 months of my freedom.


Ghetto Photo Girl said...

Woo hoo! Loyola is, like, RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from my office. And we do a LOT of programs there. So maybe we can hang out?

That is, if I'm still working for lawyers...


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I want you hanging out with some random "ghetto girl"...

Captain Chipmunk said...

gpg: If you're still working for lawyers AND you treat...unless we go out for Top Ramen at the 7-11. :)

anonymous wife: Don't worry babe, she's not just some random 'ghetto girl'...she's my ex.