Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Could It Be?

Got home last night from a Kings game (my first hockey game ever!) and was met by the largest stack of mail I've ever received.

It was sort of like Christmas, where there are too many presents to comprehend, yet you can make out some of the shapes and sizes, realizing that some things you really wanted were sitting there under the tree.

In my stack of mail there were two large, thick envelopes, the same type of envelopes that my Loyola acceptance letter came in. Not wanting to be greedy I methodically worked my way through the stack of bills, wedding invitations, magazines (all my frequent flier mile subscriptions decided to show up on the same day), and junk mail.

When I finally got to those envelopes they ended up being from other law schools inviting me to apply.

I've gotten hundreds of letters and pamphlets advertising this and that law school, but to send out a large acceptance package size envelope this late in the application season when applicants are nervously checking their mailboxes daily is pure evil.

Just for that, DeVry Institute School of Law, I won't even consider applying to your school.