Friday, January 25, 2008

Snowed In

I have a lot of things to write about, but no time to write it down. Usually the opposite is true.

Thursday morning we got snowed in. I had to wait till 9am for the ice and snow to melt before I could leave to work. I've also spent close to 10 hours in the car over the last two days.

Some quotes from my recent outing to see Cloverfield:

Box Office Girl (after I had already bought my tickets): "Oh, by the way, this movie may cause motion sickness."
Me: " Great, thanks for the important safety tip."

(I almost added Egon to the end of that, but I realized the poor girl on the other side of the window wasn't born when Ghostbusters was released)

Teenage Kid Behind Me: "That movie was gay. It was the best movie ever!"

Me, along with a dozen or so people leaving behind me, while stepping over powdered vomit at the entrance to the theater: "Eeeewwwwww!" (apparently, Box Office Girl didn't warn everyone).