Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Law School: Day 2

Today was much more substantial than yesterday. I had four classes and actually got a taste of the Socratic Method.

I got called on for the first time this morning in Torts. It was something I had been quite anxious about. I didn't really know what was going on when it happened, and by the time I did know, it was over. In retrospect, it was quite unremarkable and not worth the build up. Much like my first time having sex!

Seriously though, it was nice to have that experience over and done with. It was also nice to see really smart students from really expensive, elite undergrads totally clam up. Not that I wish harm on others, but it eased my fears of failure.

I also feel quite older than everyone else. Back when I was in school, a laptop was a rare item in class. Maybe that's because I went to CSUN and no one could afford that sort of technology. But the incessant tapping of note taking is quite annoying and also quite amusing when it crescendos to a peak when the professor says something of import.


Brienne Michelle said...

Dude! you live! Glad to hear about Mt. Fuji btw!

Ok, so here's the quick dealio - my bday is tomorrow and I think a bunch of people are going out to dinner with us on Saturday night. If you 2 are available, I'd love to have you join us! :)


a work in progress said...

Yes, grad school = laptops. It is a strange thing indeed, having also gone to CSUN - but I also went to a grad school (briefly) in CA and NO ONE had laptops and it was like, 2005. So, what happened? Did we forget how to write?

Of course in my head all of your classrooms are lecture rooms with those little pull down 3/4 desks so I can't imagine a laptop fitting.