Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Law School: Day 3

At some point I do intend to write something other than law school stuff, but since it is so new and the lead in to school took a year, I think it's worth a few posts here.

That being said, it only took 3 days of class before the first game of solitaire popped up on a laptop and someone was on facebook chat.


a work in progress said...

Ha! I was SO surprised when that happened in my classes last spring. And then . . . lo & behold I ended up in a class that was, er, uninteresting, repetitive (I basically had the same class in the morning by a different teacher) and it was 5 hours long. Consequently, gmail and g-chat made a regular appearance on my screen. I start school tomorrow and cannot have such craziness again! I believe I am paying to be there and might wanna learn something . . . I mean I should know what I'm doing when people entrust their life stories to me, right?