Thursday, November 06, 2008

Can a.....

Google for a while now has predicted search terms as you type in the search box. Today I was searching for "Can a state court apply Federal Rule 42(b) to separate claims" and only got four letters in when I stopped and hit the floor laughing.

This is what it predicted (warning: somewhat offensive and probably not suitable for work):

PS - The bottom suggestion, while not what I was looking for originally, grabbed my attention as that is exactly what I was thinking before I got married.


a work in progress said...

so seriously not the suggestions! i do find it creepy though - the new google guessing game.

a work in progress said...

uhm, i did look up "can a" with a friend because i was talking about how it CAN'T be possible that my friend's blog was right. and low and behold . . . wow.