Sunday, November 16, 2008


While he has a long (I mean loooong) way to go, Obama has done some simple, yet paradigm shifting things that may change the relationship between government and the People. Many of these things are just an extension of the way he ran his campaign, but the fact that he apparently intends to continue connecting to the People is both exciting and ground-breaking.

First, he has a website at which has a blog, news updates and an area where you can share your vision of America. I'm usually pretty cynical and apathetic when it comes to government, but I was really moved by the site and thought about what my vision of America is. Then I realized I did not have a vision and that I probably should. My goal now (in between study sessions), is to formulate my vision for America to submit.

Second, Obama is now posting the weekly Democratic radio address on YouTube (and other video sites), and plans to continue doing this once his presidency starts. The only times I've heard a weekly radio address are those odd occasions that 1) I have to drive somewhere early weekend mornings, and 2) I happen to have the radio on and tuned to a news station. I have a feeling I'm in the majority on this one.

While my cynical subconscious still questions the motivations of a government where both parties are funded by big oil, big pharma, and big tobacco (with the NRA in there somewhere), this simple reaching out to the public by Obama has softened me.

I hope both sides of this government-to-public connection fulfill their duties. This should just be the beginning for a more transparent and public-friendly government, and the public needs to maintain its sense of efficacy that it had on Nov. 4th.


Fortune said...

:putnam: ... sorry, wrong site.

I'm video podcasting the radio addresses. Another on the list to keep me busy on my (short) drive all week. This American Life, Car Talk, Meet the Press, Obama Radio Address, Andy Rooney. I'm thinking about adding "CBS Sunday Morning" and "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me"

P Font said...

Hello, are you there???

Did law school eat you alive? Fyi, I was on campus yesterday for about 30 seconds. Sorry I missed you. :(